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Why business analysts should also see themselves as process vendors

So you’ve analysed the situation, isolated the problem and found a way to solve said problem. Job done? Hardly. But that’s where it stops for many business analysts – much to their own frustration. Let’s face it, a process not taken up by the enterprise is in fact not a process, it’s an idea, a [...]

Whatever you do: STOP!

Another instalment from the real world of processes…and no, I’m not making this up.
Deutsche Bahn, the german railway and network company, has just provided a great example of how to mend a small fracture by applying a sledgehammer and then describing the resulting hole in the wall a successful application of modern house insulation techniques [...]

Process TestLab: Is your customer alive?

I, the customer, hereby promise that I will never change my mind once I have placed the burden of delivery on my supplier. So help me God.

Customer integration, Outside-In, consumer-orientation, social BPM … the list of terms describing the shift from process silo thinking to a more inclusive approach is as long as the list [...]