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Thank you Adam!

Comments to blog posts tend to get overlooked and to be honest, our posts don’t tend to invite people to leave notes. But as the following comment from Adam Deane was particularly nice, I thought it deserved a complete entry on its own:
Congrats on the new website. […] If you can test and analyse your [...]

Process TestLab: The new website is online
The Process TestLab has a new home on the web. Following the successful launch of the german language site, we have now completed phase 1 of the english language site.
What you will currently find at the new Process TestLab site:

Background information on process quality
Descriptions of our testing procedures, incl. defect identification, process validation, simulation [...]

A seatbelt for your processes

Would it be too much to ask that in future all processes come equipped with the following sticker:
DANGER: This process can seriously damage your wealth
I’ve always had this a vague picture in my mind of an analogy between wearing a seatbelt while driving and using process testing methods during projects. So I took a quick [...]