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Why business analysts should also see themselves as process vendors

So you’ve analysed the situation, isolated the problem and found a way to solve said problem. Job done? Hardly. But that’s where it stops for many business analysts – much to their own frustration. Let’s face it, a process not taken up by the enterprise is in fact not a process, it’s an idea, a [...]

My takeaways from bbccon11: Be smart

Conference over, jetlag fading, time to reflect on my takeaways from the Building Business Capabilities conference 2011.
My keywords are: Common sense, business value, processes and business rules, stakeholder participation, architecture and structure, skill development, process testing, capabilities.
Common sense Technology plus the ever increasing number of available methodologies could be regarded as [...]

Preview to our BBC presentation on process quality

Just put the final touches to the pre-conference handout version of our presentation at the Building Business Capabilities conference. The live version will of course be slightly different as we’ll be including answers to questions participants have been sending us over the past couple of days plus we’ll be including some stuff that’s just too [...]