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A world without BPM?

(In reply to Keith Swenson)
In a recent discussion I asked the question of how much worse off we’d be if BPM and BPM systems didn’t exist. The question was triggered by a couple of remarks about the value of BPM standards, some attempts at defining BPM as a method to improve processes and some other [...]

On dinosaurs and ex-processes

Personally I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of evolution. Something new slowly stepping out of its old self. Take dinosaurs for example. Those great beasts that roamed the earth and over time turned into … oops sorry, because time apparently was the one thing they didn’t have. But isn’t it great to imagine what [...]

Interview: taraneon on BPM, the cloud, apps and rumours about a new service

As part of the launch of BPM :: redux (see last posting), Theo Priestley conducted a lengthy interview with yours truly, answering questions on everything from the current state of BPM, why 2010 will be particularly important for process managers, the impact of cloud and mobile apps on process management to why vendors and users [...]