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BPM: Buy social or be social?

Social BPM is the topic which currently seems to dominate discussions in the business process community.
Recent tweetjams on process management had ‘social’ as the most often used buzzword, vendors are actively putting the social sticker on their BPM products, analysts are calling customer integration the do-or-die challenge and everyone is suddenly feeling very good [...]

Process validation made easy

We’ve explained our approach to process validation in several earlier posts on this blog and have focused on our ability to enable our Process TestLab [1] customers to experience their process designs before they are actually implemented.
The effect is overwhelming: Whereas before people had to struggle with interpreting abstract process models, now they can understand [...]

Water, coffee beans and business processes

Gary Comerford called it his favorite BPM posting ever and it’s still the most popular entry on this blog. “Let coffee be your guide to Process Experience” describes the difference between the internal view on a process (“What do we do”) vis a vis the implications on the customer’s process. Talk about Outside-In, customer centricity [...]