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BPM: Start with becoming Eddie the Eagle and develop from there

“You do things so much better in Europe” Huh?
This posting has its origins in a LinkedIn discussion I had with Dick Lee a couple of years ago. As far as I can remember, Dick was at pains to point out that European companies were much more advanced in BPM than companies in the US. At [...]

New podcast: Is case management disruptive?

ebizQ has just put up a the new podcast which Peter Schooff recorded with me last week. In this podcast we discuss the current state of case management as well as how to make change management work for case management.
As always, Peters questions had that deceptive quality of innocence. Rereading the transcript though, it seems [...]

BPM: Take me to your leader

Imagine (if you can) that tomorrow some Process Lords from planet BPM are going to land on Earth – in fact right on the doorstep of your company. OK, so full marks for marketing potential but then comes the difficult bit. They are going to use that time-honoured phrase “Take us to your leader” and [...]