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The BBCCon12 warm-up (I)

bbc_125_hmsI’ll be the first to admit that I don’t always make it easy for conference organizers. All too often they may catch me sitting in the last row a couple of minutes before I’m due to speak, making substantial changes to my presentation. The reason for doing so is that I tend to be infected with the mood of the conference and with my impression of what that particular audience expects (which often leads me to do the exact opposite – nothing is a boring as having to sit through days of presentations that only confirm what you know already).

The Building Business Capability Conference 2012 will for once be slightly different: In my pre-conference hand-out material I’ve concentrated of providing the – in my opinion – most striking and important results from our survey into process quality and gone easy on drawing any conclusions. By contrast, on the actual day itself I will focus on the implications of the survey. Hopefully we will be able to discuss issues such as

  • How does the skillset of business analysts need to change?
  • How can we better integrate the processes users into our projects?
  • Where do we need to change our checklist when planning changes to processes?

and last but by no means least

  • How do we define a successful process and live up to these expectations?

These may not be the questions foremost on our minds as business analysts, but our internal and external clients are telling us to come up with some reasonable answers. So let’s get the discussion process going.

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