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Posts from ‘October, 2012’

taraneon founder on Who’s Who List

(A couple of weeks ago it was the certificate, now it’s official. I’ve been put on THAT list. It’s nice to sometimes receive a bit of recognition for what we’re doing, especially when it puts you in the same bracket as the experts you’ve followed for a long time. I would open a good bottle [...]

The BBCcon12 warm-up (II)

‘Time is relative’ as a clever man once noted and processes provide further proof of this.
Browsing through BPM success stories, you are apt to get the impression that (with the right tools) it will take you no more than 6 months to have your new process up and running. Right? Well … nearly.
The median [...]

Process is a team sport

Saturday afternoon, an hour to go before the game kicks off and the manager and players have gathered to discuss strategy and tactics. What you can and should expect to see is that every player – including the substitutes – knows about the overall game plan. The defenders understand the strategy the strikers want to [...]