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BPM Survey: The current state of process quality (pt 2)

Nearly 150 companies have completed our survey on ‘Quality in BPM’. And while we’d hesitate to call this a truly representative sample, the results nevertheless provide interesting reading material. Together with the University of Applied Sciences Koblenz we asked the survey participants to answer questions on process quality, their approaches to designing processes as well as questions on challenges they’ve overcome and issues that continue to frustrate them.

Successful companies change their processes more often
change_frequencyIt must rank as one of the more popular myths that companies which seldom change their processes run a stable and successful ship. In reply to our question on how frequently companies change their processes, 44% responded with ‚at least once a year‘.  This number, while being surprisingly high in itself becomes even more significant when it’s put into the context of a companies market success: A full 63% of companies which change their processes at least once a year are more successful than their competitors from the same industry. This leads us to conclude that a high change frequency leads to a high level of process competency which in turn results in successful company performance.

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  1. Stacy says:

    Nice article on BPM, and I would conjure that research on 150 companies is sufficient to begin forming opinions.

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