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Teasing results

Eleven days into our online survey and another eleven days to go. Things may still change with additional input from new participants but here are a couple of points that took me by surprise when I looked at the data we’ve collected so far:

  • Nearly 50% of respondents say that they change their business processes at least once a year, with an additional 35% saying they do so on an event driven basis
  • 2% of respondents say that processes delivered by projects require no further work and were ready for operations
  • 73% of respondents say Cloud has no impact on their process strategy while 90% say the same of Adaptive Case Management
  • 33% of respondents use no formal models during business process design

Note: All of the above comes from the raw data without any cross analysis and is based on the survey input received until last weekend.

Here’s your opportunity to benchmark your company against the overall results: Take the survey and once we’ve analysed all the data received we’ll supply you with a summary of the overall results and your individual input.

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