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Quick reminder to all bbccon11 attendees, business analysts and bpm experts

Remember all those tweets about the global process quality survey I sent out during the conference? They seem to have hit a note with european and canadian attendees but the number of US responses is rising slower than the rest.

Get involved, let us know what your current situation and perspective on process quality is and take the survey:

Respondents will receive a free summary of results and can benchmark their answers against overall results.

Survey is conducted as a joint research project between the University of Applied Sciences Koblenz and the taraneon Process TestLab

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  1. Brian D. Martin says:

    Hi Thomas,

    I took the survey. Part of the problem is you have a lot of Six Sigma advocates, but with no simulation experience. Many make recommendations and walk away. They don’t work with the business to simulate processes by role playing or by using computer modeling. That’s my take on why the US has been a little slow.

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