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Posts from ‘November, 2011’

BPM Survey: The current state of process quality (pt 1)

While our team is still busy with the final analysis of the data from the ‘Quality in Process Management Survey’ we conducted together with the University of Applied Sciences Koblenz over the past few months, let me kick off the discussion with a few general observations:
Even though business process management still ranks as one of [...]

Why business analysts should also see themselves as process vendors

So you’ve analysed the situation, isolated the problem and found a way to solve said problem. Job done? Hardly. But that’s where it stops for many business analysts – much to their own frustration. Let’s face it, a process not taken up by the enterprise is in fact not a process, it’s an idea, a [...]

Teasing results

Eleven days into our online survey and another eleven days to go. Things may still change with additional input from new participants but here are a couple of points that took me by surprise when I looked at the data we’ve collected so far:

Nearly 50% of respondents say that they change their business processes at [...]