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New podcast: Is case management disruptive?

3223086466_07409c8084ebizQ has just put up a the new podcast which Peter Schooff recorded with me last week. In this podcast we discuss the current state of case management as well as how to make change management work for case management.

As always, Peters questions had that deceptive quality of innocence. Rereading the transcript though, it seems to me that several separate discussions are slowly coming together:

  • Case management as a method to deal with processes for which traditional BPM with its pre-defined control flow has never really worked may deliver a more complete vision of the kind of process support needed.
  • Social BPM, while not identical with case management, uses a similar foundation and framework: often ad-hoc, case-driven, communication intensive, unpredictable, goal-driven and relying on employee empowerment
  • The glue keeping it all together and manageable is governance. Not longer an optional extra (‘we’ve treated ourselves to a bit of luxury and appointed a head of governance, but we’ll keep him as far away from operations as possible’), governance will be the make or break factor. It needs to be understandable, enforceable and adaptable.

Enjoy the podcast and do leave a comment.

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