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Posts from ‘August, 2011’

BPM: Avoid making that costly mistake

When 80% of process related projects fail to meet their objectives, you should start asking questions. While “Who’s to blame” is the usual one, “Could it have been avoided” makes a lot more sense.
Our analysis at the Process TestLab show that there’s certainly a lot you can do a) to avoid process errors and b) [...]

BPM or The Urban Espresso

As a result of the last post I was told to look in a dictionary to find out what a double espresso really is. Well, I went one better and instead looked up ‘process’ in the Urban Dictionary.
Here’s an extract of what I found:
1. Do something, (or at least pretend [...]

Water, coffee beans and business processes

Gary Comerford called it his favorite BPM posting ever and it’s still the most popular entry on this blog. “Let coffee be your guide to Process Experience” describes the difference between the internal view on a process (“What do we do”) vis a vis the implications on the customer’s process. Talk about Outside-In, customer centricity [...]