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BPM: You may want to shout and scream

fluestertuete_400In a surprising move, a consortium of leading BPM vendors has distanced itself from BPMN and has instead opted to support the new Instant Speech Recognition For Process Modelling And Execution ’ISRFPMAE’ standard. The consortium has revealed that Apple will soon provide an I-Shout app to enhance ISRFPMAE while Microsoft is still in the early stages of designing ‘Whisper 2011’ and Google is currently testing the VoiceView service in a packed football stadium.

A representative was quoted as saying “We took a long hard look at how BPM software products are being used today and have come to the conclusion that as everybody was screaming and shouting at our products anyway, we could use their vocal dedication and input to provide a new generation of BPM products”.

The spokesman refused to confirm the existence of a semantic filter but added ‘… research has shown that processes and four letter words are closely connected, so we would at the moment not want to put too many restrictions on our screamers’.

A deal to publish ‘Shouting at processes for Dummies’ is in the making and preparations are underway to integrate the new standard into existing speech therapy sessions.

And now it’s over the Adam Deane for the latest on the surprising increase of BPM sales.

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