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Posts from ‘March, 2011’

BPM: It isn’t always the sunshine case

It doesn’t take a full-blown disaster to offset your balance if you’re walking on a tightrope. In ideal conditions you could do it blindfolded with your hands tied behind your back. Unfortunately, unexpected events have a tendency to crop up at just the wrong moments. And while the ‘cross that bridge when I get to [...]

BPM: Process awareness levels still too low?

In our previous post I referred to an internal survey and some of the results which led me to question the current basis of social BPM. Here’s a bit more on that.
All through the past year we asked the participants of our BPM training courses to take part in a post-training survey on process awareness. [...]

Will social BPM supercharge BPM?

[In reply to a discussion started by Peter Schooff on eBizQ this week: As Ian Gotts blogged, Supercharged research on Social BPM from Gartner, Elise Olding from Gartner recently declared that social BPM will supercharge BPM.  Do you agree?]
What a timely coincidence, having just finished a 2 week session on “social(-ized?)” BPM with several clients. [...]