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Posts from ‘February, 2011’

BPM: Don’t laugh, it could be your new strategy

BPM is awash with theories. Some develop concepts in order to create a term they hope will be part of the BPM buzzword dictionary (‘Agile’ is an excellent example) others simply recycle existing terminology to become part of the in-crowd.
In order to save you the embarrassment of having to repeat the same old chestnuts like [...]

BPM: The intellectual challenge

“Business process management is an intellectual challenge, not a technological or financial one”
Hats off to Gartner for creating two major discussions out of one press release.
“Between now and year-end 2014, overlooked but easily detectable business process defects will topple 10 Global 2000 companies.”
Now, that statement doesn’t really deserve all the attention it’s receiving on its [...]