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So that was 2010? Well I never….

Thank god it’s Christmas, as it gives us the time to update this blog and reflect on the closing year. And what a year it’s been.

January and February saw us more or less cut off from the outside world as we put the finishing touches to a new service on which we had already spent a year in planning and development: The taraneon Process TestLab.

Somewhat tired and exhausted we were woken up by a phone call early march telling us to drop everything and drive north to the CeBIT in Hannover as the Process TestLab was to be presented with an award as one of the top 3 BPM innovations of 2010.

Much of April and May was spent giving presentations about the Process TestLab and doing trail runs for customers.

single-brick June had Thomas giving a keynote presentation at jCOM1s International Customer Meeting, a memorable event not only because it premiered Thomas throwing a brick (sharp-edged, heavy, simply everything you would want from a good brick) at an unsuspecting member of the audience to illustrate some aspects of process quality. As a suitable punishment, Thomas had to atone for his sins by playing at jCOM1s golf tournament and taking a real beating at the hands of some japanese golf wizards.

Summer also had us moving the BPMNexus community to its new home, after the former platform provider had decided at short notice to vacate his diskspace for something else.

July saw us launch the ‘Process Quality Approved’ method as a results of several new tests we had developed for the TestLab.

heat-wave August would have been a good time to escape from the heatwave sweeping across germany, but no such luck as we were busy designing a new set of executive training courses on process management.

September started what we have since termed the mad season with clients old and new seemingly wanting us to make up for our unavailability at the the beginning of the year by inundating us with requests for process advisory services and process evaluations at the Process TestLab.

In between the various test assignments, October had another fun event in store as Thomas had been asked to provide the closing keynote to the annual S-BPM conference. Although the speech had been prepared well in advance, Thomas did a complete rewrite during the conference to address all the issues he had with the other presentations and ended up with the now famous ‘I apologize, but you got it wrong, and here’s why’ opening statement.


November and December are still in a blur with our test systems working non-stop on some slightly biggish process problems and everyone at taraneon engaged in last minute advisory projects (we’ve worked on this for three years and we need you to come up with a solution in the next four weeks!) as well as leadership trainings.

So, it’s been a busy and sometimes even hectic but always interesting, challenging and satisfying year with much of the satisfaction resulting from the people we work with, here at taraneon as well as in the various communities around the world and of course our customers.

New years resolutions at taraneon? Ah well, we will attempt to be less erratic in posting on our blogs. But mainly, we’ll try to do our job with as many smiles and laughter as we have in 2010. If Sasha Cohen Bendit can do a Freddie Mercury, surely we at taraneon can equally successfully rattle the BPM cages against conventional wisdom and come up with some clever solutions. And we, ok, I, look forward to Arsenal finally winning silverware in 2011.

We look forward to 2011 to continue and expand what we’ve begun this year and we wish everybody a successful new year!

A final ‘thank you’ goes to Andrea for showing great commitment in her first year at taraneon way beyond the call of duty. It couldn’t have been better!

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