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BPM: What are our BPM research expectations?

As a follow-up to an earlier post, here’s the start of a new discussion on BPMNexus. Feel free to either join BPMNexus and become part of the community or to comment here.


Dear Nexus members,

last week I attended the S-BPM One conference at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. Although I was originally asked to present a paper on “What industry can learn from BPM research and visa versa”, listening to all the scientific presentations I felt compelled to do an ad-hoc presentation instead on “Where research is getting it wrong“.

Intentionally undiplomatic and (as I thought) even offensive in places I thoroughly expected to be slaughtered by the international group of attendees.

Instead, I received lots of support for my statements. Which brings me to my questions for the Nexus members:

- Are you as bpm practionners following current BPM research?
- Are there any topics where you feel that BPM could profit from research?

I’ve put down my list of 10 research topics I’d like to see addressed and I’d be very interested in seeing what contributions or input you would like to see from research and academia – or if you think that research and practice of BPM are unconnected.

Comments please (here or on BPMNexus website)



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  1. nilani says:


    I’m an undergraduate in University of Keleniya,Sri Lanka. I’m interested in doing a research on BPM, BPMN. But I have very few knowledgeable people and very few resources in my country. My supervisor also doesn’t have enough knowledge in this area. So if you can please help me to find a research topic in BPM or BPMN.

    Thank you very much.

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