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High pressure on process quality


Six months after the launch of the Process TestLab we have decided to publish a monthly process quality barometer starting next month. This barometer contains two numbers. The first gives the percentage of the number of processes containing logical errors – what the more technical minded among us would call the first yield fail rate – the second number gives the percentage of processes in which the validation tests led to significant changes to the original process.

A quick explanation on what these numbers mean:

  • Logical errors: When we receive client processes at the Process TestLab we first run a check on their logical structure using something called the trespass algorithm. This allows us to identify areas of a process model containing logical errors. These can range from dead-ends to gaps in the process to tasks which can never be completed and many more. Simply put, these are errors which would prohibit a technical implementation of the business process.
  • Validation changes: You may want to check here to find out in more detail how we perform a validation test, but basically we run the process on our validation system and let test-users from the client use the process – sometimes simply with dummy applications and forms, sometimes in a more elaborate setting. This way they get to actually experience the logic and workings of the process BEFORE they start implementing it. Compare this to the usual way of performing ‘desktop tests’ by running your finger over a process model and trying to imagine what that process would be like and you can quickly spot the advantage of actually experiencing the process. And this is what this second number is all about. It shows the percentage of processes to which the client made significant changes after experiencing them in the Process TestLab setting.

Why do we think that these numbers are important? They demonstrate a lack of process quality that would otherwise have been implemented or the case of logical errors led to lenghty rewrites and back and forth between the business and IT.

And this is what the Process TestLab is all about – saving time and money by increasing process quality where it counts most.


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