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Posts from ‘June, 2010’

Follow-up from our resident engineer

Norbert has kindly provided the calculations and formulas he used in the previous posting to let you check your results for yourselves.
World cup and process surprises
View more presentations from Norbert Kaiser.

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Who wants to be a millionaire, the World Cup, a bit of physics and process time

(Freely translated from the original german posting by Dr. Norbert Kaiser, co-founder of taraneon and – unfortunately – an engineer)

Now we come to the $100.000 question:
The speed at which a football travels through the air in Johannesburg is – as compared to Berlin – and presuming an otherwise identical force of kicking it:
a) lower
b) identical
c) [...]

On dinosaurs and ex-processes

Personally I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of evolution. Something new slowly stepping out of its old self. Take dinosaurs for example. Those great beasts that roamed the earth and over time turned into … oops sorry, because time apparently was the one thing they didn’t have. But isn’t it great to imagine what [...]