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Guest Contribution: The Outside-In elevator pitch

For the latest edition of our newsletter, we asked Dick Lee to give us the elevator pitch on Outside-In. If you’ve never heard of O-I before, this is what you should know!

“The Outside-In approach to business is a “rule-buster” of the first order. It’s also a fundamental response to new, customer-driven market conditions that will remain with us for the foreseeable future.

The core premise of O-I is that adding new value to customers presents the only sustainable way to continue adding new value to the company. To create new customer value, O-I rethinks the company from the customer in―first aligning strategies with customers; next aligning process to customer-focused strategies; then aligning technology to customer-focused process.

The outcomes of going Outside-In can be transformational. Market-leading companies either “born” O-I or successfully migrating to this customer-centric philosophy include:, Apple, Fed-X, Nordstrom (U.S.), Singapore Airlines, Tesco (U.K.), the Virgin companies and Zappo’s.”

(Dick Lee is founder and principal of St. Paul, Minnesota-based High-Yield Methods. His work and perspectives have been featured in “Business Week,” National Public Radio’s “MarketPlace,” “Newsweek,” “The Wall Street Journal” and numerous other print and web-based publications.)

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