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Posts from ‘January, 2010’

BPM in 2014 – Laughably predictable?

As it makes a nice contrast to some of our earlier postings (see Stemming the tide and 10 lessons), here’s what Gartner Group has to say about future trends of BPM. I think it sounds like a great future … if you’re able to completely ignore the reality around you. You might also like to [...]

Shake-up or Break-up of BPMS market?

Everybody is a-twittering (or is it a-tweeting?), a-blogging or otherwise commenting on the major changes taking place on the BPMS vendor scene. IBM scoops up Lombardi and now Progress is gracing its portfolio with Savvion. Must be a sign of something … but what?
Tea leaves and Tarot cards aside, most of the speculation on what [...]

Top postings for 2009

Just taking a quick look at the most popular postings on the traneon blog in 2009:

Introducing The Process Experience  A first outline of how we believe processes should be designed: As a way to make life easier for the customer
10 lessons we could take away from 2009 A quick look [...]