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Interview: taraneon on BPM, the cloud, apps and rumours about a new service

As part of the launch of BPM :: redux (see last posting), Theo Priestley conducted a lengthy interview with yours truly, answering questions on everything from the current state of BPM, why 2010 will be particularly important for process managers, the impact of cloud and mobile apps on process management to why vendors and users need to prepare better before going down the BPM road.

You can read the complete interview here (also available as a pdf download) or directly on
BPM :: redux

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  1. Brian Martin says:

    Re: New announcement based on interview with Theo.

    Thomas, I am looking forward to your announcement in the coming weeks. Hope this is related to “simulation”. I have a hunch, but I could be wrong.

    We need to get companies excited about process again.

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