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Let coffee be your guide to Process Experience

We have had a lot of discussions with clients lately about what makes a process customer focussed. Our answer tends to be that whatever customer focus might mean to any one individual, in our experience this isn’t enough.

Indeed, in a discussion currently raging in the BPGroup, I wrote that

’Good customer focus is based on managing internal processes that are designed to successfully connect to a customer – Nothing wrong with that, wish more companies would do it. Outside-In is based on managing the customers process and making the internal processes and tasks fit. […] The consequences of both approaches regarding not only customer experience, but also internally (roles, KPIs, leadership styles, information requirements, process strategies etc.) will be very different.’

(For Outside-In read Process Experience in this argument, as I didn’t want to confuse the original issue and terms used.)

The key difference between Process Experience and customer focus lies in the mindset: What do I define first and then build around: The ideal customer process and try to develop and fit the required internal processes and capabilities to it? Or do I start with my internal processes and us these as defining requirements for a customer process?

To illustrate the difference in mindset and approach of the Process Experience, we’ve put together a simple example which we think goes some way to explaining what the Process Experience is all about. So….enjoy your coffee!

Process Experience – The coffee example
This presentation is also available for download

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