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Inside the taraneon world

Some internal news for a change.

We have the new taraneon website up and running and we are quite proud of it! A big THANK YOU to all the folks at Electronic Minds who not only came up with great ideas but also never complained about our late night requests to change this and that.

We are also working hard at putting the finishing touches to the new taraneon newsletter. If you’re not already on the list of recipients, do register for the newsletter on our website. (If you register through the german website you’ll receive the german version, if you register through the english website you get the english language version).

A new set of trainings and workshops is also under development. Information about the first couple of events dealing with process governance, process strategies and skill requirements for process managers is available in the event area.

After all the effort we’ve put into these tasks, I’m quite happy to be getting back to normal working mode and helping our clients improve their process experience!

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