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Posts from ‘July, 2009’

Pre-Annoucement BPM-Forum 2009

Just a quick first glimpse at the upcoming annual BPM-Forum before the conference website and the complete conference agenda goes online.
IIR is organizing the 8th BPM-Forum in Frankfurt, Germany, on Dec. 7th –9th 2009. Speakers will include Daimler, Generali, Deutsche Post and many others. As I sit on the conference committee and will also be [...]

Thank god, it’s a crises

“There is a curse. They say: May you live in interesting times”
Terry Pratchett
Well, let’s not go so far as to regard the current time as the result of a curse, but it’s interesting nonetheless.
Let me start by mentioning two statements which caught my eye these past days. On friday Fritz Henderson, CEO at General Motors, [...]

A culture shock for management?

“Contrary to conventional wisdom on the subject, parallel lines sometimes do meet”
Robert Littell
(Originally intended as a three-part article, here’s the shortened version)
One of the recurring topics and discussions at BPM conferences over the past couple of years has been the inability of middle management to get the executive level interested in process management. Not [...]